Never Knowingly Be Serious

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Hi guys! I entered the Supernatural Design Challenge! And my design is FINALLY up omg that was nerve-wracking.

  • Anyway, I’ll appreciate it SO MUCH if you can check out MY SUBMISSION and vote for it.  I’m an aspiring illustrator person thing and also SUCH a big fan of Supernatural so I think you have an idea how giddy I got when I learned about this design challenge.
  • If you want this design on a shirt, please do leave a comment too (If you’d like. Please be nice) and tell them that you do!
  • You can vote for it once per day so if you have time, please drop by this link once a day til the 14th, Saturday, 9 AM PST (Don’t worry I’ll remind you through this post. Actually, please tell me if you need me to send you a personal message so I can remind you because I will do that. And darn that last day voting ends early. Set your alarm clocks! Or not. Probably not)! You need an account as a voter to do so, which only takes a few minutes to create through Facebook or e-mail!
  • I really went on theme (“Saving People, Hunting Things. The Family Business”) and included Supernatural elements and season 9 stuff, so I hope you like it!

Thank you so much, guys! Thanks for reading all that and for checking out my design! You’re all lovely!

I’m in LOVE with this design. amazing. vote vote vote!

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